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Ministry Opportunities

Short Term Projects & Ministry Opportunities

The following projects can be completed with PACE for a short term of 2 or 3 weeks. If you have further questions and/or ideas of potential short-term projects for your team, please contact us

Camp Teachers

PACE runs week-long youth camps during the months of April, August and December at the end of each school term. Teachers and volunteers will help to lead Bible Studies, run children’s games and take care of general child needs. Your short term team may also wish to organize a theme for one of the children’s camps and bring activities, games and prizes for the camp.

Dental and Health Clinics

We encourage anyone with medical and/or dental experience (MD, nurse, dentist, dental hygienist etc) to help run workshops and/or community clinics for 2-3 weeks. You can join our medical mobile unit, on site charity dental clinic or medical clinic to assist with immunization, de-worming, dental hygiene, diabetes, ophthalmology, geriatrics and pediatric service to the community.


We have evangelism, edification and exaltation opportunities for children and orphans (6-12 years old), youth (13-19 years old), young adults (19-29 years old) and adults 30 and over. There are also opportunities to minister with us in local churches and schools from primary to high schools in music, devotions, preaching, drama, team building and sports/games such as basketball, volleyball and football (soccer). Your team may consider putting on a weekend seminar for youth on a topic relevant to Kenyan life and the Bible.


Our education outreach includes tutoring students in our small vocational school in computers, carpentry, beauty management, music, electrical installation, automotive mechanics, secretarial, dressmaking and knitting. There are also opportunities for teams to hold art and music classes for our academy aged students (grades 1 though 7) and art seminars for our Academy teachers to empower quality art classes for their students. Our aim is to identify and develop the talents, abilities and gifts that our students possess, which may not be developed under normal circumstances. Art material donations and lesson plans are always appreciated.

Construction Projects

We welcome construction crews to help us with our expansion projects at the PACE compound. Some of the projects you can be involved with are:

• Enhancement and completion of classrooms for all schools,
• Complete the dormitories for all schools,
• Construct on-campus housing for teachers and cooks,
• Buy land and construct off campus housing for most staff,
• Construct a workshop, food storage, material and equipment stores
• Construct a second floor for the PACE office building,
• Complete the dining hall and build all essential furniture,
• Tree planting and landscaping of the PACE compound,
• Leveling the P.E. field,
• Construction of fences around the field and PACE compound

Outreach Centers

The following is an organization in Nyahururu who have networked with PACE ministries.

In Heaven’s Eyes

• This is a home for street boys and girls who are trying to turn their lives around. All 39 children are currently enrolled in school and doing well.
• PACE Role: Dental/ General Health/ Nutritional Supplements.

International Partners


• In pursuit of the second part of PACE’s vision—to reach out to “the Diaspora”—the ministry has developed partnerships in countries with a population originating from Africa. These include, besides the United States, Panama, Brazil and Haiti.
• Mission des Eglises Baptists Independants (MEBI) located in the North West village of Bombardopolis, Haiti has the longest history with PACE. Founded in 1970 by a Jamaican pastor, Leslie G. Harris, the mission is mostly focused on orphans of the poor area of Haiti.
• Its first priority is education. The current manager of MEBI , Pastor Fritz Junior Shirley (he prefers Pastor Junior, but is, professionally, Pastor Shirley) stated clearly: “when you save a child [through education] you save many generations to come; you help stop violence, poverty and [these generations] contribute to society.” It operates a nursery school, primary school and a high school.
• The second focus of MEBI is medical mission. It has a clinic that focuses on maternity needs; in fact many babies have been born in what is set up as a consultation clinic.
• MEBI welcomes short-term teams to contribute and work with the Haitian leadership: building projects, tutoring (especially in English), medical clinics are all available for short-term teams.
• They are also looking for partners in a long-term work in medical missions, vocational training and English teaching.