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PACE Guest House and Guest Benefits

General Fees

• Visa $ 50

• Airport Pick Up $ 100

• First Night Hotel (Nairobi) $ 50 per person

• Driver's Accomodation $ 50

• Airport Drop Off $ 100

• Access to National Park $ 75 - 100 (depending with the national park)

• Fuel to and from the park $ 50 - 100 (depending with the distance and the national park it self)

Accommodations per person per day

• Full Board (all meals) $ 60

• Half board (breakfast and dinner only) $ 35

• Board only per day (no meals) $ 25 per person

• Lunch and Tea Only per day $ 15

Full service includes room accommodations, prepared meals and free WIFI.
Board only no meals. But free WIFI is included

Short Term Missioners Package

1. Full Board (for standard 2-week period) $1000 per person.
(This included $300 to cover Ministry Gift and Project Expenses.)

2. For one-week missioners, the cost is $500.
(This includes $150 for Ministry Gift and Project Expenses.)

LMS Seventh Day Adventist Guest House

This is for Seventh Day Guest House in Nairobi. This is where our guest stay for their first night if they have a late night arrival. Our guest are also free to arrange with the guest house for their night pick up from the airport, or have us make the arrangement for them. If the guest-house picks you up, you save up on the drivers accommodation fees.

Seventh Day Adventist Guest House Link Teams can make their own reservations by E-mail, Phone OR PACE would be happy to assist you in securing rooms.

Contact Us

•Pst.Wachira Ngamau +254 722 811 359
•Dr.Dorris +254 710 874 029
•Mrs.Glenda Wachira +254 712 634 554

NOTE: Visa Application is $ 50, on
MUST be applied from the country of origin.